Pet Wellness Exam

Wellness exams are an essential part of pet care. These regular visits to Precious Paws ensure that your furry friend is healthy, and all is well. For adult animals, one exam a year is usually enough. However, puppies and kittens need to go every month for the first few months, and senior pets should go at least every 6 months.

If you are in the Tampa area, Precious Paws Animal Hospital offers FREE comprehensive wellness care in a caring environment. Our staff treats all patients as individuals, gathering information and administering personalized exams to make sure they are in top physical health. We also offer a full range of other services, including laser therapy, allergy maintenance and emergency vet care.

pet wellness exams

What Happens At A Pet Wellness Exam?

Usually, a pet wellness exam begins with the veterinary technician asking you a series of questions about your pet's diet, exercise habits, behavior, and if you have any concerns. They may have asked you to bring a fecal sample. If that's the case, the sample will be taken to be analyzed for parasites and other issues.

The veterinarian will then move on to the physical examination, which can include:

  - Weighing them

  - Listening to the heart and lungs

  - Taking their pulse

  - Testing reflexes

  - Assessing movement (standing, walking, flexibility)

  - Palpating internal organs to check for growths and enlargement

  - Doing a skin and coat check (checking for parasites, dry skin, lesions)

  - Checking eyes for irregularities

  - Checking ears for debris, infection, and wax

  - Inspecting paws and toenails for cracking and splitting

  - Performing a rectal exam

Additional Services

Your vet may also want to perform certain tests on your pet, depending on the pet's age, your concerns, and what they discover during the exam. For example, we recommend senior patients have blood work completed every year.  Kittens may need to be tested for FeLV/FIV.

Near the end of the exam, your vet may discuss topics with you that include:

  - Parasite prevention (flea, tick, and heartworm)

  - Pet identification (microchipping and tags)

  - Grooming

  - Spaying/neutering

  - Nutrition

How To Prepare For The Exam

The night before the exam, be sure to have all of your pet's records if needed. Collect a stool sample if needed. Prepare the carrier for animals that require it. Follow any instructions that were given by the vet.

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